A journey to build a positive thinking musical society.

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

Jimi Hendrix

“Music is the simplest communication…”

Surendranath Majumdar


Academy for Musical Excellence is based on the principles and teachings of great philosophers and educationists. AMEC firmly believes that “Music has the strength to transform an entire society.” Academy for Musical Excellence runs on 3I’s “Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation”

Based on extensive research in Music Education, AMEC has designed courses to fit the specific requirements of toddlers, young and adults, beginners, amateurs and professionals. The specific curriculum based structured music education set Academy for Musical Excellence apart from all other music schools of East India.

AMEC family is a positive minded community of teachers, staff, students and parents. AMEC along with imparting education also builds the emotional intellect of a student. AMEC is a synonym for quality, teamwork, positive thinking, leadership, sharing, innovation, discipline and excellence.

Our Mission & Vision

Along with Music Classes, AMEC focuses on Live Music Performances. AMEC is the only performance based Music Academy in East India. This places Academy for Musical Excellence in the Exclusive List of Music Schools across the globe. Students and Teachers of AMEC perform at prestigious events throughout the year. AMEC’s vision of “Learning to Earning” is assisting many young professionals to make a livelihood by making, playing and teaching music.

Academy for Musical Excellence is concerned about the education of all children. AMEC is providing free music classes as part of the initiative Music for All. AMEC is also associated with several other social initiatives to create a positive thinking society. Academy for Musical Excellence is pioneering structured music education in India. AMEC is coming up with an initiative that will change the course of music education in India and several other countries.