The benefit of learning staff notation

Music is a language like any other language. All modern language old uses signs and symbols so that people can read and write. Melody instruments like Guitar, Violin, Piano, Keyboard; percussion instruments like Drum Kit, timpani and even voice too started following a system of written music around 14th Century. The system of writing music is popularly called as staff notation.

The benefit of learning staff notation is immense. Any person who can read staff notation is regarded as an educated musician. Musicians are able to communicate through a common system. Artists and students can exactly perform or sing the way the composer composed his music.

Staff notation is the only complete music notation system in the world. Guitar and Keyboard are European instruments. Thus the techniques and systems are of those countries. Though in India, we may sing in different languages, the musical language does not change as both western and Indian system luckily follows an eight note system of the major scale. In India, there are various ways of writing the notation but no system is complete. Major music industries like Bollywood don’t acknowledge these systems and there is no chance that we can use them internationally.

Students and learners must understand that there is only one complete way of reading and writing music. Thus the benefit of staff notation is immense and absolute. The learning becomes structured from the first day of music learning. The science of staff notation is taught very methodically by the system of music theory learning.

Staff notation is not only about reading the pitches and beats. It helps to understand the entire music along with tempo, dynamics, articulation, any changes, and alterations. Staff notation allows one or more up to any number to play together. They can play the same or different voices. So singing in the choir, playing as bands and ensembles become extremely simple. It reduces the chance of errors while the speed of preparation increases.

All students of AMEC Kolkata, who are learning western instruments for whatever musical form must learn in staff notation. A Tamil or Bengali song is differentiated only by language but musically they are all the same following C D E F G A B. Any student learning keyboard, guitar, violin, piano, drums must learn in staff notation for fast and structured learning along with national and international acceptance. With proper learning, Indian students can achieve bigger dreams of playing on the biggest world stages just like any international master or rock star.