Best Keyboard Classes in Kolkata

Keyboard or synthesizer is probably the most popular musical instrument in India along with Guitar. Children and adults enjoy playing the instruments as it is extensively used in most musical concerts. Many unprofessional to make some quick money are also misusing the popularity.

One needs to understand that keyboard or synthesizer has originated from Piano. Piano being a European instrument, is taught will staff notation. It applies to Keyboard too. The Indian notation system can never completely serve the purpose of complete Keyboard musicianship. Worst even, there are teachers who teach music notation with ABCD letter names.

Before joining Keyboard classes in Kolkata, one needs to look at the teacher’s qualification. Does the teacher follow a curriculum? Does the teacher only teach some popular English, Hindi, Bengali songs? Is the teacher teaching staff notation in a systematic way from day one? Does the teacher give equal importance to beat and pitch from lesson one?

Unfortunately, in a cultural city like Kolkata, the majority of the music schools and teachers do not follow the international approach while teaching Keyboard. Only a selective few music schools in Kolkata are doing a good job. Keyboard classes in Kolkata are gaining popularity but the number of good teachers and Institutions are not increasing at a fast pace.

The current situation also provides an opportunity for music teachers in Kolkata. With the economy improving, more parents are putting their children for music classes. So, the overall quality of the music classes in Kolkata needs to improve. Students here are so talented. If they are trained and guided maintaining the International parameters, Kolkata has the potential to become the musical hub of India (as once it was) and also can produce International artists and teachers.

The future for Keyboard learning is extremely bright in Kolkata if one joins the right music school. Along with music learning, the school provide exposures at different levels and also provide certified music courses. Based on the current scenario, we are hopeful that Kolkata will keep producing fine artists for future.