AMEC LOGOAcademy for Musical Excellence has launched a professional singing course AMEC RisingStarĀ catering the requirements of Indian Music Reality shows, Bollywood stage shows, Bengali Reality Shows, Playback Singing and International Shows and Tours.

The course is divided into several categories starting from beginners to amateurs and professionals. According to specific requirements, candidates will be trained in Singing techniques, Voice training, production, and modulation Singing in Scales and modes, Singing with a microphone and Practice with Orchestra, and Grooming for Reality Shows and Stage performances.

Deserving candidates will get the chance in channel auditions in Mumbai, Kolkata, and other regional channels. Deserving Candidates will also get a chance for stage shows in Kolkata, Out of Kolkata and Foreign Shows. Candidates will also get the support of in-house musicians and orchestras.

Candidates will get advice and support to form Bands, Groups, Choirs, and Orchestras. Candidates will be selected for Classical, Folk, Sufi, Bollywood, Bangla Gan, Fusion and improvised singing.

Deserving candidates will also get scholarships and added facilities.