Bollywood Singing Classes in Kolkata

Bollywood is the second biggest movie market in the world. It is also a market to showcase musical talents especially singing. Currently, Indian Music is synonymous with Bollywood music.

Though there are several myths of the bygone era, currently to become a Bollywood singer, a candidate must train accordingly. By the way, knowledge, and ability to sing Indian classical music is not a benchmark to become a Bollywood singer.

There are only a selective few music schools that specialize in Bollywood singing classes in Kolkata. Also, students mix up a lot of singing lessons and practice with musicians (wrongly termed as Orchestra).

Bollywood singing classes in Kolkata covers a few topics in details ranging from Voice Training (both Indian and Western must be included), use of a microphone, stage presence and body language, pronunciation, diction, accents and expressions, technical knowledge of scales, chords, modulations and harmony and theory of music. To make a successful career in singing, candidates need to focus on learning for a few years.

The concept of instant success is misleading most youths of today. One needs to understand that music is also an education. Copy paste singing by just following a couple of stars won’t help a candidate to blossom as a fine and trained singer. Also, several reality shows, competitions, and mobile apps are misleading thousands of children and youths and parents. If we closely monitor the journey of most of the legendary artists, we’ll observe that they received proper “TALIM”, training for many years under one or more Gurus. Education can never be replaced with technology. So, children and youth must find proper Guru along with proper music schools to guide them on the long journey. Before selecting the music school, candidates should also check the credentials of the Institution and the platforms and assistance they will receive if they wish to make music their career. Choosing the right school is one of the keys to a successful learning experience with the objective of making it BIG.