Children Music Class in Kolkata becomes a joyful experience

Many parents and children complain about their music learning experiences. The traditional and conventional methods of music teaching are extremely boring for the new generation when children are familiar with digital gadgets. Learning process in schools and playschools has also changed with time. The requirements for music learning have also changed with time. Unfortunately, the system and style of music education in India has not evolved.

Children music education following Kodaly or Orff systems is practiced in most developed and developing countries. In India, the myth goes, Indian Classical music is the foundation for all music learning. Mostly, music educators in India are not aware of the global practices. The conventional Indian Classical Music learning is extremely boring and the myth about Indian Classical Music is also untrue.

A few music teachers in India have started practicing the Kodaly systems. After successful completion of Music Teachers Training in Kolkata, specially trained music educators start teaching babies and children. Children Music Class in Kolkata becomes a joyful experience under the supervision of internationally trained music educator Surendranath Majumdar.

Infants, Babies, and Children learn most through movements and games. Music class for children starts at the age of three years. Children must be attracted towards their music class; the simplest approaches are games and movements. Specially created singing games complement the structured music lessons. Music Class in Kolkata becomes a joyful experience with Kodaly children music education.

Teaching musical elements by attaching different games and movements make it easy for children to remember it. It also gives them a reason to practice. Playing games equals to music learning.

Parents and babies can enjoy together by joining music classes for babies or music classes for infants depending on the age group. It provides parents an opportunity to share quality time with their babies along with learning the initial lessons of music. The joyous and positive experiences are the reason behind many countries implementing Kodaly music classes as part of their school curriculum. In India too, playschool and academic school management may implement this option to put their school a step ahead of other schools. Also, their students will receive the best music education in a fulfilling way, which will also assist them in academics and character building.

It is high time to give a serious thought to primary music education in India and create an organized system. Kodaly Society of India is the first Indian institute to provide Kodaly music teacher training and children music classes in Kolkata and rest of India.