Frequently asked questions: FAQ

  • What are the monthly fees?
    The monthly fees ranges from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3000 depending upon the class module, courses, and grades. However, for beginners, group class fee is Rs. 600 and individual class fee is Rs. 1000.
  • How many classes a week?
    In most cases one class per week. For students pursuing music more seriously, it can be twice a week too. AMEC offer both individual and group classes. Regarding class timings and durations, kindly visit your nearest AMEC Centre.
  • Can I get a Demo class?
    AMEC is a niche international music school. AMEC is a professional music school with a family environment. Certified and trained educators conduct classes at AMEC. AMEC students secure the highest marks and awards every year. The performance of AMEC set the school apart from most music schools of the city. We at AMEC believe schools that are not confident about their services provide demos.
  • How much time will I take to learn?
    The answer is simple which AMEC has derived after years of experience.
    Practice x Talent = Result
    Music education is same as general education. Music education has different grades like schooling levels of playschool, primary, secondary, Graduation and so on. Mastering different levels will require different time horizons. With regular practice though, the basics will be learnt in just a few months.
  • Will I get to perform live and in Reality shows?
    AMEC is a performance based music school blended with International Music Examinations. Live performance is at the heart of AMEC. Yes students are continuously encouraged perform live and are provided the required platforms to assist their musical careers.
  • Can I get discounts and concessions?
    AMEC provide free music classes to under privileged children. AMEC also provide scholarships to brilliant students pursuing professional music careers. There is no discount or concessions for beginners.
  • Does AMEC provide placements?
    AMEC conduct music lessons with a professional outlook. AMEC assist and motivate young students to take music as a career. AMEC assist eligible students to get placements and other music related earning opportunities.
  • How can I become a teacher of AMEC?
    AMEC teachers are all certified music educators who take education as a priority. Most teachers are full time music educators. Currently AMEC is training amateur and upcoming music teachers with professional music teacher training courses. Teachers passing MTT automatically gets a placement guarantee at AMEC and/or in AMEC partner schools, music schools.
  • What type of courses AMEC offer?
    AMEC offer international music courses following the curriculum of Trinity College London, ABRSM, LCM, Rockschool, International Music Education Board. AMEC is the only music school of Kolkata offering such a wide range of courses.
  • AMEC Centres are too far from my home!!!
    Students from states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam and North Eastern states visit AMEC for Music classes. Students from Haldia, Asansol, Dhanbad, Rajgung, Barrackpore, Barasat, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Howrah regularly attends classes at AMEC. AMEC is the most pursued Music school of Kolkata which provide scientific and updated music curriculum in the most fun filled way along with international certification and opportunity to perform live.
  • I am 65 years old, can I learn? My baby is one year old, Can she join?
    Music is not only about performance and glamour. Music is an integral part of one’s life since birth till the last day. Hence everyone can learn music at AMEC. AMEC offer different courses for different age groups. The only two criteria to qualify as a student of AMEC are love for music and some time to practice.