The importance of music education in school

Throughout the world, music class falls under the category education. Unfortunately in India, music class appears in the category of the hobby, cultural or entertainment. The Govt. of India along with most state governments are not realizing the importance of music education in school.

Music is not only an art form, music education if started early with a systematic approach to Kodaly children music education, benefit the overall brain development of a child. Along with learning music in the most fun filled way, children learn to count, analyze, innovate, learn new words, languages, socialize, build leadership skills, become a team player. Kodály children music education is helping millions of children worldwide with the right start, which will remain for a lifetime.


Along with children music education in playschools and pre-primary schools, every school student must learn to play an instrument or sing. In today’s world full of stress, depressions, and many other vices, good music is the only tool to rejuvenate the brain. Systematic music lessons are the only complete exercise for brain, which activates both left and right hemisphere of the brain.


Scientific researchers in many universities proved the benefits of learning a musical instrument early in life. We know many geniuses that use to play an instrument like Piano and Violin throughout their life. “Learning Piano and Violin following the staff notation, increases IQ level. Every child must learn an instrument,” says Surendranath Majumdar, a music educator trained at different Universities in Europe. Music schools like Academy for Musical Excellence is running a campaign to create an awareness for the importance of music education in school. “Music education should be an integral part of growing up years”, says Surendranath Majumdar, Director, Academy for musical excellence who is also one of the leading Piano teacher in Kolkata.


More and more schools must encourage children to learn music. Learning music is so much fun if taught by well-trained experts. Music teachers in India need to upgrade themselves with the international practices. Music teachers play a key role in promoting and sharing structured and systematic music education. There are several new projects and initiatives happening in cities like Kolkata to provide platforms to school students. 21st Century evaluation systems are also present which focus on proper music learning. All schools should be a part of this wonderful journey of sharing music. School must lead the movement and allow all children to enjoy their childhood along with learning to play an instrument and sing. An education that will remain permanently for a lifetime.