Indian Classical Music Classes in South Kolkata

The rich heritage of Indian Classical Music is world famous. To keep the traditions intact, AMEC is conducting Indian Classical Music Classes in South Kolkata. Students from the city and international students are learning the intricate patterns of Indian Ragas.

Indian Classical music classes are the most fledged music classes in Kolkata. Both old and new music schools have been catering well to this musical form. Old ones sticking to their age-old procedure of learning Indian classical music while new music schools come up with newer techniques and use technology based learning methodology. Uniqueness to this genre is seen these days with varieties of artist merging their creative sounds with classical music. Masters as well as emerging artists perform pure classical music, fusion, improvised music and film music, which make Indian Classical Music a gold mine of musical treasures.

AMEC, Indian Classical music classes in South Kolkata provide systematic and structured curriculum providing students with elementary knowledge, which builds a life long love for the subject. Apart from general learning, students are prepared for entrance examinations master’s degree entrance examinations and concerts. In Indian classical music, Raga and Tala are the fundamental elements. Starting from the fundamental to covering different ragas and nourishing one’s voice should be one’s aim.

In order to reach out to many more children, AMEC has taken a pioneering step. Keeping a note with the modern demands of students, AMEC has developed a course for Indian Classical Music aiming at the overall knowledge of the huge subject. Children get scared thinking of the amount of study they have to do, to have some knowledge of Indian Classical Music. But, breaking down into stepwise curriculum, not only make the subject interesting to beginners but it also help them to learn lot faster. A comprehensive study and practice of Indian Classical Music opens the door to a world of delicate and aesthetic music and the rich tradition of India. We should be proud of our heritage and take the responsibility to make it more popular to Indian and foreign children and adults.