Individual Music Class in Kolkata

Learning music is always a special experience. Children and adults throughout the world learn music either instrumental or singing or both. Music learning may be for extra curricular, leisure and fun filled activity or it may be a serious learning experience. What ever may be the criteria, best music lesson is only provided with individual one to one sessions.

Still, in the 21st Century, music learning in Kolkata is not mostly structured. Teachers mostly do not follow curriculum and lesson planning for the full year. The situation becomes grimmer when small or big batches of different age groups learn together. The best possible solution to the problem is individual music class in Kolkata.

There are only a very few selective music schools in Kolkata which provide individual music class in Kolkata. Though it is not a very good commercial idea but the students benefit a lot with this approach. The individual attention helps young or adult students learn at their pace. The curriculum suits their choice and they may be motivated easily with one to one attention and tailor made the curriculum.

Individual lessons may be of a different duration of 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on the age and requirement of the candidate. For early learners of Kodály Children Music, between 3-6 years of age, two individual sessions of 20 minutes each will perfect. While a singing or instrumental student at Level I or II will require a 30 minutes individual lesson in a week. Intermediate students are recommended a weekly session of 45 minutes while advanced students are suggested to take an hour lesson.


Individual music class options are extremely popular globally especially for instruments like Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Violin, and Guitar. In Kolkata, music education is still thought as a hobby class. Although with ground level work done by institutes like Academy for Musical Excellence, a slow but gradual awareness is being created for the need of structured music learning along with individual focus. Music learning is simply like learning a language and if learnt in a systematic way with proper evaluation like musiCEA, a candidate will learn at a fast pace. Individual music lesson is the need of the hour in a city like Kolkata where there is musical talent in every nook and corner.