International Music Examination Board Australia Examinations Kolkata

IMEB flyerSurendranath Majumdar introduced IMEB in India and is the first Representative of IMEB in India from February 2016. Australia based IMEB is a 21st century examination board, which believes in the openness of syllabus and repertoire. Unlike the other boards, IMEB provides an opportunity to play a wide range of pieces including local music. The lists contain works ranging from early times to up-to-date contemporary examples, plus own choice options.

IMEB offers examinations for Music, Speech, Drama and Theatre Arts. The IMEB was formed in response to many requests from teachers of music, speech, drama and theatre arts looking for an alternative examination system. IMEB examinations are for the following disciplines Effective Public Speaking, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Speech and Drama, Theatre Performance, Violin, Vocals, Music Theory and more.