Kodaly Children Music Class in Kolkata

Music in India is perceived as an art but music learning, unfortunately, it falls under the category of hobby class. Most Indian parents focus primarily on academics ignoring the value of music and sports during the developmental period of their child. Ignorance and lack of awareness are a major reason for the degradation of both mental and physical health of millions of children and young adults.

Kodaly India realized that India’s newly born babies and children are not getting enough motivation to learn good and structured music. To address this issue, Kodaly India is running an awareness program in selective cities of India. Parents must understand the lifelong benefits of children music education during the developmental years of a child, between the ages of three to six years.

Kodaly India has specially trained teachers who conduct children music class in Kolkata. Kodaly teachers are specially trained to install permanent love and appreciation for good music. Any form of music is comprised of beat and pitch. Like learning any other language, a student of music should clearly understand beat and pitch in any music. Being able to read and write music will make them musically literate.

Music class for babies and children is a serious job, which requires specially trained educators. Children music class in Kolkata by Kodaly India is helping many children to learn beats, pitches, dynamics, articulation, forms and many more musical elements through specially created songs and rhymes.

Already several students have performed in concerts and they have an option for international evaluation and certification provided by musiCEA. Kodaly children music education starts from the age of three years.

Though the primary objective is to learn musical elements in a fun filled and scientific way, there are more benefits too. Proper music learning is the only complete exercise for the brain and a child’s brain is developing fastest until the age of six years. Along with assisting in brain development, music education helps in improving concentration and building confidence. Music education also helps in developing leadership qualities and teamwork, helps to socialize, develop creativity and social skills. The list is long and it is impossible to mention all at one go.

To conclude, it is extremely important to prioritize proper music learning for babies and children since between the ages of three to six years. Not all children will become musicians and artists but they will have more IQ, be more sensitive, develop sportsman spirit and lead a positive life. Good music is also essential for a healthy life. In this century of cutthroat competition, stress, loneliness, and more, we cannot neglect the importance of good music in our daily lives. More precisely, we cannot neglect or compromise on providing our children with the right music education.