Kodaly Music Education speeds up brain development in children

Kodaly Society of India – Children Music Class

All babies are born with the potential to become musical, and they often react to sounds either pitched or no pitched and songs with enthusiasm. Infants’ hearing is well developed soon after birth, so they can respond to music very early on. Encouraging your baby’s natural fascination with it can strengthen your relationship with her, boost her language skills, and open the door to all sorts of exploration and fun.

Music education appears to accelerate brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills. Music education has been found to be related to better language and mathematical skills, higher IQ and overall greater academic achievement. In short, Kodály Music Education speeds up brain development in children.

The positive effect music education has on babies and children is surprisingly diverse, encouraging babies’ development in both the mental and physical spheres.

Creativity –  A study conducted in Hungary found that 3-4-year-olds who were given music and signing lessons obtained higher grades in creativity than children of the same age who did not receive any musical training.

Memory – Three-month-old babies can use music to help them remember things they have learned. Scientists now believe that music gives significance to the learning process and helps remember it.

Mathematics – A study found that first graders who had been given intensive musical instruction demonstrated considerably more progress in mathematics than classmates who had received a standard musical education. Scientists believe that the connection between music and mathematics is partly related to the fact that music helps children understand mathematical concepts

Language – There is a close connection between music and linguistic development. Both skills require the ability to differentiate between auditory nuances and similar sounds, such as “B” and “P”. Listening to music contributes greatly to babies’ development of this skill and will develop the ability to decode auditory data and sharpen your child’s auditory memory – abilities which are fundamental to language comprehension.

Music in early childhood (particularly singing games and rhymes) can enhance child development in so many ways. The beats and pitch along with lyrics, dynamics, and other elements, engage children in several activities at one time. They learn to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide. At the same time, children are remembering and singing lyrics of the songs they are learning. This process increases the memory power, which is essential for academic studies. Along with several other benefits, Kodály Music Education speeds up brain development in children.