London College of Music Examination in Kolkata

LCM Examiner Joshua Brown at AMEC

London College of Music (LCM) is a music school based in London, UK. It is one of eight separate schools, which make up the University of West London. LCM conducts music, Speech and Drama, and Communication Skills examinations in India through local representatives. LCM does not have registered schools in India. The external examinations department of London College of Music is known as London College of Music Examinations (LCM Examinations), and is currently a department of the University affiliated to LCM itself.

LCM MedalLCM, Kolkata offers graded music examinations for theory of music and for violin, singing, piano, electronic keyboards, guitar and drums and more. The grade begins with the step 1, and then is numbered from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in increasing difficulty. Candidates are assessed under three categories – the performance of music pieces, technical work such as scales, arpeggios, and supporting tests such as aural test, sight reading and improvisation. Candidates are marked out of 100, with 60 being the pass mark, 75 for merit and 87 for distinction. LCM, Kolkata also offers examinations for Communication Skills and Public Speaking. These examinations are also marked out of 100 and follow the same graded format.