Music Classes for Children and School

“Everyone prefers the kind of music which he came to know in childhood. Good taste developed early is difficult to ruin. Therefore, we must be careful about the first impressions. Their effects can be felt for a lifetime.” Zoltán Kodály

Music classes in Schools is the most important aspect of music class and education. Children are to be introduced to good music very early in life. Along with listening good music, they must be learning music as a whole subject.

Music class for children and school starts from the age of three years. The music teacher based on the principles of Zoltán Kodály prepares especially composed rhymes and songs. The children learn important technical aspects of music, initially in disguise. Concepts of beats, rhythm, pitch, high-low, dynamics, forms, speed and many other musical elements are gradually introduced over a period of three years.

Singing is the most natural instrument. It’s a god’s gift to us. Everyone is musical and loves music. If the children get enough exposure to good quality music along with properly structured music classes, he or she will definitely learn the rudiments of the subject.

Music class for children and school is an important subject, which must be addressed with sincerity and empathy. Only properly trained music teacher can address the issue both technically and with a purpose. Good music teachers will install a permanent love for music in a child. The child discovers elements of a musical piece or song guided by a dedicated teacher. To master one technique requires months of practice. But the classes are extremely fun filled, thanks to the movements and games associated with each song or rhyme. These games and movements are the gift to a child when he or she learns one song.

The fun of playing together and participating in a team attract the children. All children get due attention. Teacher focus on the faster learning children as well as the slow learners. Teacher’s skills allow the slower children to gradually become a faster learner and be a part of the team. The joy of singing and playing games along with making friendships is what a child need during his or her growing years. Thus, in short, the completeness of a Kodály music class makes all children special and all children learn music at their own pace. Above all, a permanent love for good music is incorporated in the children which is a gift of a lifetime.