Music Class in Kolkata is no more a luxury but necessity

Music is probably the oldest form of expression and communication. With time music evolved and today, we have so many different forms of musical genres. With Youtube and Google reaching most homes via Internet, listeners are able to choose from the widest possible genres from across the globe.

The progress of society and lifestyle also has consequences. With each passing day, we see the society becoming more negative and depressed. Substance abuses and crimes are on a constant high. Stress and diseases are going beyond control. To relieve ourselves, we need more and more good music. In fact, music is now a lifestyle.

Humans are dependent on music like never before. Hence music learning is also on a rise. Similar is true for our city too. Music Class in Kolkata is no more a luxury but necessity. Learning Kodaly Children Music from an early age of three or four years allow a child to develop social skills along with learning music with a fun-filled scientific way. Children learn to socialize and share along with learning beats, rhythm, pitches, dynamics and more. Specifically created singing games allow children to lead along with becoming team member too. Learning life skills early in life assist a child to become a responsible citizen.

Learning to play an instrument or singing helps a person to concentrate, meditate; it increases memory power, logic, imagination, and creativity. Structured music lessons help in mental maths. Overall music education improves IQ of children and teens. Music also has the power to make a person positive and reduces anger, hypertension, and frustration. Proper Music education inspires candidates against drugs and alcohol. Good Music is a source of being positive and happy. In fact, scientific and structured music education is the only complete exercise for the brain and a mean to remain healthy (mentally).

Hence, we can rightfully conclude by saying that Music Class in Kolkata is no more a luxury but necessity.