Music For All – Free Music Classes

AMEC is committed to reach out to every corner of the society through music education and performance. To reach out with “Music for All” initiative, AMEC has created a team of likeminded citizens. Calcutta Music Foundation, is a registered society under Certificate of Registration of Societies West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961. S/ID/ No. 94924 of 2012-13.


Calcutta Music Foundation is working primarily on two verticals namely free music education for children and sharing music with all sections of the society. Calcutta Music Foundation is working towards building a positive thinking society filled with music, education, and good health.


The primary mission of Calcutta Music Foundation is to educate children with Music. Music is an integral part of human life. Good music makes a person sensitive, positive and confident and restricts a person from several negative influences like substance use, aggression. Good music improves good language, behaviour, and mutual respect. In fact there is no downside of good music. Thus, to improve the quality of our society, CMF firmly believes that music education must be compulsory for all children and if possible for adults too.

Music education may also help people with criminal background, depressions, loneliness, health issues, and behavioural disorders. Music Therapy acts as a healer for asylum patients, prostitutes and many more deprived sections of the society.

Mission of Calcutta Music Foundation is to musically educate children and adults and share good music with every section of our society.


Calcutta Music Foundation is a visionary dream of Founder and President, Shri Surendranath Majumdar. Since last twenty years Shri Majumdar is tirelessly working to teach good music to children of various backgrounds. His dreams are taking a concrete shape with several initiatives he has started for children and all sections of society. Calcutta Music Foundation is a team of likeminded people who shares their vision with Shri Majumdar of “Music for All”.


Projects Initiated by Calcutta Music Foundation

  • Under the project “Music for All”, CMF has organised weekly lessons for Singing, Keyboard, Guitar, and Violin for 60 children of Rainbow Dharamtalla since January 2014.
  • Under the project “Music for All”, CMF has organised weekly lessons for Singing, Keyboard, Guitar, and Violin for 60 children of Rainbow Elliot Road since January 2015.
  • The project “Generations” is for the inmates of old age homes. The idea is to take young musicians to old age homes, sing and play music with them, spend quality time with food, music and smiles. The idea is to make young minds aware of the situation. The experience will assist them to become sensitive citizens and will treat their elders with respect and responsibility. CMF performs periodically at Nabobir, Little sisters of the poor.
  • CMF organises periodic music workshops and seminars for NGO children to create awareness about the benefits of music in a person’s life.
  • CMF has trained sex workers of Kalighat and Sonagachi. The training culminated with successful performances in concerts.
  • CMF has organised Musical Road Shows and concerts for under privileged children. The Children has performed in venues like Kalamandir, ICCR, Gyan Manch and many more.
  • CMF has organised picnics and presented gifts and accessories to more than 500 under privileged children of different homes.
  • CMF conducts periodic workshops and training for children with special requirements under the project “Music for All”.

Future Roadmap

  • Expanding “Music for All” – CMF plans to provide free music education to children of more NGO’s and organisations. The effect of good music will make them better citizens. CMF also hopes to bring the talented children to mainstream society by providing career opportunities related to music industry.
  • Reaching out more with “Generations” – “Generations” is truly a magical project. The amount of love, feelings, smiles, greetings exchanged are beyond words to express. CMF wishes to work more actively to create many more exchanges on more regular basis.
  • Concerts and Workshops – CMF needs to organise periodic concerts for children and deprived sections of society. Sharing music continuously throughout the year will create awareness about the benefits of music for children and adults. Reaching out with music and positive thinking will gradually create a better society with sensitive citizens.

An appeal to all likeminded human –  Calcutta Music Foundation needs your kind support and patronage:

  • Toward payment of teacher’s fees for less privileged children music education. Music education is the primary and most important objective. Your kind patronage will assist CMF to educate more children.
  • Be a volunteer for teaching music, basic studies, character development and positive approach towards life. CMF require the time of many volunteers as teachers and counsellors.
  • Sponsorships and donations to organise concerts, camps, picnics and other periodic activities.
  • Musician’s payments for various performances in old age homes, correction houses, NGO’s and health centres.
  • Gifts and supporting accessories for less privileged children.