Music Teacher Training in Kolkata, India

India is a cultural country with many diversified art forms. Music too is very diversified. Though after the digital revolution, the new generation is becoming more tuned to Western musical concepts. In fact, the leading music composers in India are creating songs based on theories of Western Classical or Popular Music.

There is a rise in demand for learning the art form, both instrument, and singing. But, there is a huge shortage of properly trained music teachers. The prevailing concept of anyone who can sing or play may become a teacher is not correct in the true sense. For any technical subject, a coach or teacher must be trained professionally. As Zoltan Kodaly once said, “Teaching in schools will improve if we first train good teachers!”

Music Teacher Training in Kolkata, India is fairly new as teachers and institutions realize the need for up gradation and specialization. India lacks behind in terms of structured music education from the early age. The age-old concepts of music teaching are not effective and inclusive for mass music education. Institutes like Kodaly Society of India, Academy for Musical Excellence are training new and experienced musicians to become qualified teachers. The International curriculum and musiCEA certification not only provide the teachers with necessary teaching tools and methodology but also expands the scope of work both in nationally and internationally.

Music Teacher Training in India is gradually becoming popular as teachers realize the importance of delivering systematic music classes for children music. It is very important to improve the quality of music classes in school. Some music teachers are going abroad to train themselves. Music educator like Surendranath Majumdar is training Indian Music Teachers. The new teachers follow a lesson plan for the years and also follow a curriculum to support them. Students are also receiving structured music lessons from the early age of three years following the principles of Zoltan Kodaly.

With the rise in the number of talented and trained Indian music pedagogues, it is sooner than later, Indians will catch up with the international music education system.