Music Therapy for Autistic Children

To understand and make little Shaurya do his work was very difficult for his parents as well as his near ones. To understand his interpretation and his gesture was equally difficult. The reason behind such situation is that Shaurya is an autistic child.

According to the experts, it is difficult to communicate with these children, for they basically lack in the ability to decode and encode the gestures and sound signals. They suffer from social, communication and flexible impairment, for which they often develop extreme personality and behave unnaturally.

Although there are clinical therapies in order to support the children, experts are now opting for other methods to give respite to these children as well as their parents. Music therapy for autistic children is one such area.

Research and surveys have shown that Music Therapy for autistic children is positive. Specialized music sessions specially created for different levels of autistic children have positive after a few sessions. They respond to various sounds, rhythm and melody instruments. In fact, they are able to play musical instruments. In Kolkata, Music Therapy classes are conducted by institutes like Kodály Society of India and Academy for Musical Excellence.

Surendranath Majumadar, a specialist trained at Europen Universities for children music education conduct sessions with autistic children. “I have worked with many autistic children and some of them are super musical talents. They play the keyboard, drums, xylophones better than many other children.”

Music therapists use different technique, instrument, and gadget initially to build a relationship with the child. This may take a few weeks to months. Once the child accepts the music therapist, is becomes easier to share and learn music. The sessions not only make the child calm, they gradually learn the art of music. Mr. Majumdar shares, “we even have students who can sing clearly in pitch and time. These children requires extra attention, time and empathy. They too are good learners.”

Organisations like Academy for Musical Excellence and Kodály Society of India organize periodic workshops, concerts, and events for autistic children. Their keen interest in music may be inspirational to many children and adults.