MusiCea – Music Certificate and Exams Association

MusiCea – Music Certificate and Exams Association was formed in response to many requests from teachers of music, looking for an alternative examination system. musiCEA is perceived to be more flexible and user-friendly than some other examination systems. All examiners are qualified and experienced teachers and therefore have a good understanding of the problems faced by both teachers and students.

Our range of syllabus and exam format is wide covering Indian and international genres. Examinations may be taken for Bollywood Vocals, Indian Classical (vocal and instrumental), Bhartiya Sangeet, Electronic Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Drum kit, Percussion, Theory of Music, Kodály Children Music. musiCEA, Diploma in Music Teaching will enable artists, musicians, private and school music teachers (old, new, amateurs, professionals) to become better educators. We strongly recommend this options, as this will open a window of opportunities.

Syllabi of the musiCEA is designed to meet the needs of those teaching and learning music. The examinations will be found to be comprehensive and catering for those interested academically or as a performer. The lists contain works ranging from early times to up-to-date contemporary examples, plus own choice and composition options.

musiCEA is unique and distinctive, both in the qualifications offered and in the administration and running of the exams. We have maintained our Indian traditions along with incorporating the best practices of the world. Our members and examiners are informal and friendly yet fully professional in the modern context. We are always approachable for inquiries to be dealt with speed and efficiency and we maintain a friendly relationship with many of our representatives and teachers. Examiners pride themselves on being friendly and approachable, ensuring candidates are put at their ease and are thus able to perform to their full potential, yet they are professional, applying thorough and objective assessment criteria in forming their judgments.