Playschool Music Class in Kolkata

Music plays an important role in a person’s daily life. In Kolkata, people of different age group, backgrounds, and culture like the different form of music. If we analyze any form of music, the basic elements are always the same. Children should learn these basic elements of music before trying to learn Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin and/or singing.

Academy for Musical Excellence is a pioneering music school of Kolkata specializing with children music class. AMEC in association with Kodaly Society of India practices the world famous Zoltan Kodaly children music education. AMEC and KSI have jointly designed courses for playschool music class in Kolkata.

Children of the 21st century must receive the best possible education in a fun-filled way. As they are familiar with gadgets and new technologies, their learning approaches have evolved in this new century. The traditional way of music learning does not attract the new babies and infants. Instead of showing interest, mostly, they disconnect themselves. Rather than building a lifetime passion for the art, the existing systems are damaging the quality of good music education at the primary level.

Kodaly Society of India understands the value of systematic music education as early as after the birth of a baby. The courses are divided to cater different age groups. Three months to seventeen months babies enjoy sessions with their mother or father with the level I KSI course namely music Class for babies. Infants from the age of eighteen months to thirty-five months join the class with parents with Level II KSI course namely music for infants.

The formal music education starts from the age of three years up to the age of seven years. All children are attending playschool during this period. KSI has designed courses for playschool music class in Kolkata. All children can learn at their respective playschools who are tied up with Kodaly Society of India or they may join music class in Kolkata like AMEC.

Along with the most fun-filled music education, children get a chance to perform live in major concert halls in Kolkata. The course is also recognized and certified by musiCEA where children are graded on the basis of their performances and not marked.

To summarize, now children in Kolkata are lucky to have an international music course for children. Kodaly Children Music Education enables them to get the right start at the right age under the guidance of specially trained and certified Kodaly teachers from India and abroad.