Academy for Musical Excellence is a leading school in Kolkata for Rabindra Sangeet. AMEC pioneers at providing the structured musical education along with relishing the beauty and the history related to Rabindra Sangeet.

With changing time, different styles of presenting Rabindra Sangeet are becoming popular along with maintaining the essence and structure. In fact, Rabindra Sangeet is the biggest music industry in West Bengal. The influence of Rabindra Sangeet is dominant in lives and souls of Bengal both West Bengal and Bangladesh. There have been countless work of artists from across the borders sprinkling their creative touch to it, yet the essence of this culture remains fresh. Schools catering to such talents and minds willing to take this music to the front row sticking to this art form should be taken in interest. Academy for Music Excellence caters to the same talents and interests that people put forth. AMEC render Rabindra Sangeet classes in Kolkata with an international structure.

Rabindra Sangeet has been an integral part of a diversified culture ranging from folk music of different countries, traditional and rag based songs, spiritual and national songs, romantic and seasonal numbers and many more variables. In fact, Rabindranath Tagore is the only creative person whose compositions are the national anthem of two countries, India and Bangladesh. Rabindranath Tagore was a prolific creator who composed around 7864 songs. AMEC feels proud to present Rabindra Sangeet classes in Kolkata.

Academy for Musical Excellence and Yuva Music Festival provides a unique platform for upcoming artists wanting to pursue a career in instrumental music and singing. AMEC believes in delivering international standard music education through experienced and dedicated teachers trained in India and abroad. Efforts of AMEC have revitalized the interest for Rabindra Sangeet classes in Kolkata. AMEC has been successful in shaping dreams into reality for students interested in learning this art form.