The right age to start music class in Kolkata

Kolkata was once the cultural capital of India. At least one member of the house could sing or play the tabla. Unfortunately, that has changed over the last two decades. Exposure to music early in life is mostly missing with a few exceptions.

On analyze, we find a primary reason for this down gradation. Most parents are unaware of three things. When to start? How to start? Where to start?

When to Start?

The right age to start music class in Kolkata is from three years. The concept of Montessori school applies to music education too. The world famous Kodaly system is the right option at the age of three to six years. Music schools like Academy for Musical Excellence are offering Kodaly children music classes in Kolkata. One may argue and say, the right age to start music education in Kolkata is since birth. Yes, children start learning since birth and music helps the growing child’s brain development. Organisations like Kodaly India are offering mother and infant music sessions in Kolkata.

How to Start?

Music education starts in two ways. One by listening to good music at home; attentive listening. Play classical music both Indian and western forms. Play classical Piano music and songs by great masters of any language and forms. The other approach is to join music sessions for mothers and babies. Though it’s difficult to find the second option in Kolkata neighborhood. Interested parents take out time for their babies to visit music schools like Academy for Musical Excellence who offer babies and children music class in Kolkata following the world famous Kodaly concept.

Where to start?

A parent must find the right music educator. Not all music teachers are qualified to teach babies and children. Currently, there is a few Kodaly music trained teachers in Kolkata who offer the right musical start to your baby or child. Don’t look for big and popular names to start music education. It is a misconception as the popular masters won’t give dedicated attention to your newly born as they are too busy. Selecting the right teacher or music school is the key to a longterm musical and character development. Schools like Academy for Musical Excellence specialize in children music education in Kolkata.

Once you have done your proper homework, don’t wait to start your babies’ music education. No one can live without music. Give them the right start at the right age and at the right place.