Selecting the right Music school in Kolkata

There are many music schools in Kolkata, especially South Kolkata. Interested candidates find it difficult to select the right music school. This article will guide them in selecting the right music school in Kolkata.

Now is the age of digitization. The first thing to do before selecting the right music school in Kolkata is to check the school’s website. A detailed website will clearly guide a candidate not only about the classes but with the opportunities a candidate will get being a student of the music school. A candidate should have a checklist before contacting a music school. The followings are a few parameters, which will assist a candidate.

  • Check the website in full details.
  • Check the vision and mission of the school along with reading about the school.
  • Check the musical projects and initiative undertaken by the school.
  • See for the opportunities, students receive learning there.
  • Check for the option of a proper curriculum followed by a proper evaluation system like an examination.
  • Individual classes allow the student to learn faster with dedicated one to one attention. This is a must before selecting a school. Also know the duration of each class. The best option is 30 minutes individual class for a beginner.
  • Never opt for music schools that treat music as a hobby or entertainment class. Music is an education like learning maths and science. Step by step music is introduced. There is no short cut to learning music in the real sense. Be aware of schools claiming to teach music in three to six months. Not even the basics will be fully covered in this time span. Remember as a child how many months we took to learn 26 alphabets (A-Z). Music is also like learning a language.
  • Look for a school, which organise periodic concerts (both small and big) for students. Performance balanced with examination is the most secured approach to learn music.
  • Don’t go for big names, as they are busy with their own assignments. Look for well-trained teachers who will only focus on the growth of their students. Remember, the best coaches and teachers create stars, and they are not the stars. They create the light staying in the darkness.
  • Select a music school and teacher who can motivate and bring out the best. It’s not only about paying money for a service. Always look for how a music school is adding value to your music education. The environment, along with the behaviour of faculties, staffs make a lot of difference in the long run. Select a music school not names to get associated with.

Select the right music school. Invest your time and money wisely. Wish you a life long association with good music.