Violin Classes in Kolkata

Violin Classes in KolkataAcademy for Musical Excellence is a leading music school in Kolkata for Violin class. Violin is taught following the world famous Suzuki method. Students learn Western Classical Music on Violin along with other music genres including Indian Classical Violin.

Learning Western Classical Violin is also about learning art and culture. We can travel through time and get to know different periods of history. Learning Violin and Western Classical Music helps to learn structure and innovation along with learning history and culture.

Along with learning Violin, the structured courses at Academy for Musical Excellence also focus on Sight Violin Classes in KolkataReading, Aural Tests, Scales and Technical Study, Improvisation, Composition and Music Arranging. Theory of Music is also taught along with the practical lessons. Students of Violin Class are taught different genres of music including Bollywood songs in staff notation.

Students take part in regular concerts. They practically learn to play in an ensemble and orchestra. The concept of 1st violin and 2nd violin are also taught along with individual learning experience. Violin students get to practice and perform with a pianist.
Examination is not compulsory at AMEC, playing good music is the primary focus. The graded examination system is an international evaluation process, which open the door to many opportunities.